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August 26, 2007



NICE PLACE!!! I love it my friend!


Heck yeah! Plenty of room to crash, you know!

Maggie Venizelos

Hey Danny, looks like an amazing apartment for you!!! You wouldn't mind if I brought the girls with me to Japan would you??? Can you evev imagine 4 women in there??? Love you and miss you!!!Maggie


I am saving to make it happen.


LOL. I imagine there are many apartments of this size with families of over 4. In some ways, it's just a bit too big for just myself, but I'll make do. :)


what the heck is up with all those controls on the toilet? I'm amazed at your courage to move to Japan. I don't know if I've ever actually told you that. Can't wait to visit :)


You rule!

Christian Traughber

For a house in Tokyo, that's a big one. You are lucky you got her. Houses and apartments in Japan will cost you an arm and a leg, sometimes even your neck. That's my only complaint about the Land of the Rising Sun. Unless they decrease the price of real estate, it's quite difficult to stay there.

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