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October 30, 2007



I understand you have a special place in your heart for rides and theme parks, etc, but I don't think I've ever met ANYONE who can write three pages about one ride--must have been fantastic, eh?:)J/k
Hope you are well!


Sounds like you had a good time at TDS. Did you get any pics of the New York waterfront area? I've always wanted to see that area and the huge luxury liner that they have built there.

I have to say it's a bit of a shame though, the Park was originally supposed to be part of the development they were going to do in Long Beach, with the Queen Mary as the centerpiece of the Park. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Of course, there's a part of me that thinks that Oriental Land Company probably did a better job of building the park over there than Disney would have done over here, but I could be wrong.

Did you ever decide what you're doing over the holidays?


Yeah, I got some shots of the Waterfront area. It's *incredibly* themed, especially when you think that the Tower of Terror has only been there within the last year (so why theme a place if there's no attractions there? Because it's a THEME park, people! Good thing Oriental Land Co. isn't afraid to spend money on that concept. EVERYONE thinks it's a beautiful park.

Right now, it's 80-90% sure I'll be looking at Hong Kong for the holidays. Which could mean another Disneyland?! I'll let you know!

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