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February 06, 2008



First of all, you forget that most of us aren't tecchy nerds like you and won't know what a remote control can and can't do, so yes, of course Kitt can cut a perfect sized hole through an armored car and pull off an art heist.

you do quite well here to relive the episode. I think I saw this episode a few times when I was twelve:)

Miss the big hair...I've been wondering as I've watched us progress through the fashion of the 60s, 70s and now 80s...will the big hair and big earrings return? The tight jeans are back and so is neon!


To me, the hair nowadays is a bit more 70s than 80s-- long, flat, a bit shaggy. And tight jeans are just for emo kids, right? Check out the Emo Cafe I found in the next post!

Angelica Emmanuel

I still remember the original Knight Rider. David Hasselhoff, in his original buffed glory, sported tight jeans and a leather jacket. And of course, who can forget KITT, the awesome car that saves the world in every episode. Ahh, brings back childhood memories.

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