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March 19, 2008



so many options and...merry go round. this makes me sad. I'd love for disney to buy the theme park rights for the US.


Sigh. I know! I had this great idea, too-- you do a Soarin' Over California type of ride-- guests enter from the Hollywood side, but during the ride, they "go" through a tornado, and end up flying over Oz. Then when they exit, it's really a second entrance into the land of Oz.

So when I say it's just a retheming of the Western area, that's what it really is. The old Western restaurant is now an Oz restaurant. The Western shops are now Oz shops. The Animal Actors stage is now Toto and Friends. The Stunt Show is now a truncated Wicked musical.

The area has more room to expand, so maybe these are quick fixes (as quick as totally new facades, literature, costumes, and merchandise can be) and we have yet to see what they can really do.

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