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June 15, 2010



I hope if they can take a serious decision/action in eliminating pornography from manga and anime. As a matter of fact, I like watching anime and I've done this for a long time, but never watched anime produced in late '90s - early '00s as most of the recent anime include fanservice and cheap scenes unlike old anime which had facinating plot and art!


I wonder if we are just more exposed to the full range of anime/manga nowadays than in the past. Before, only the really good stuff could break through to a wide audience but now we can get exposed to so much that it all kind of becomes indistinguishable. Still, it's a medium, not a genre. I'm sure if we tried hard we could find some examples of the old style fascinating plot and art! That might make for a good blog post if I can get through the busy-ness of summer.

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