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March 18, 2007

Marvel SuperHeroes Classic RPG: the Adventure


Finally, at long last, here is a contribution to the world of the Classic Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game-- An original adventure set in the new Heroic Age of Marvel!

Classic but not forgotton! From the back cover:
True, this may be the Age of Heroes, but what does that mean for the Marvel villains?

Five heroes who have rarely, if ever, worked together are the sudden recipients of a strange summons. As they band together, they begin to unravel the strange secrets of a villainous Network. But what is the Network, how far does its reach extend, and for what dread purpose are they organizing themselves?

Take the role of one of the heroes committed to uncovering the secrets of the Network in this exciting adventure based on the classic Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game published by TSR, Inc.

Otherwise, Marvel’s Heroic Age may be over before it’s truly begun!

       As Marvel Comics enters a self-proclaimed new Heroic Age, it’s only appropriate that fans also get the chance to participate! Here’s your chance to enter a Heroic Age of your very own, with the classic Marvel Super-Heroes Role-Playing Game published originally by TSR, Inc. way back in 1984. While this game is long since out of print, you can certainly just keep the structure and characters ideas for this adventure and adapt for use with your favorite role-playing system to run a game of your very own. For more information on the classic Marvel game system, see http://www.classicmarvelforever.com.

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Sadly your Heroic Age adventure for Marvel is not available due to them taking Megaupload down. Any other way I could get this excellent looking adventure?

Posted by: Allen Shock | Mar 13, 2012 12:01:34 PM

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