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September 03, 2006


Danny Wall

Did you know...?

Did you know that Mister Victorious' alter ego was originally conceived as "Victor von Victor?" Ew! No wonder why I changed it.

Adrian J. Watts

A fantastic concept, Ozbot. It's funny to think how easily, under different circumstances, these most heinous "villains" could be "heroes"!

This is something I'd love to see in print - the 4 Victory #1 cover is quite stunning.

Danny Wall

"Fantastic" concept, I get it! Ha. While not having the thing in print, I actually drew about 1/2 of the dang comic before I decided it would be more fun (and productive) if I just did the covers. Maybe someday...

Trace Shelton

Great idea, Danny. Like Adrian, I'd love to see the entire comic. Heck, if Marvel can do the "Amalgam" universe and What If?, why not "4-Victory"??


Danny Wall

Thanks, Trace! As you can tell by the General Mail Bag http://ozbot.typepad.com/marvelflipside/letters_page/index.html I have a whole universe of ideas, with some twists you might not expect. Just think-- a certain planet-eater is going to have to appear at some point...


Again, I'm loving this. The fact that you're not doing it modern, you're starting where the originals started is ingenious.

One thing though... Please... PLEASE observe basic writing ettiquite and separate your quotes...

It's not

"I did this" Said thug 1 "Well I did this "said thug 2"


"I did this" Said thug 1 with a look of glee in his eye

Frowning a bit, Thug 2 responded "Well I did this"

You see what I did there? I turned a confusing run on paragraph into a coherent set of diologue that offers more detail then the original.

Sorry... that's really my only complaint.

Danny Wall

LOL. Well, you wouldn't have thought that I had made my living as a writer at one point. (Maybe because it was technical writing, not creative writing?) Anyway, I do apologize for any breaching of writing etiquette. I have tried to aim for a style more akin to in-depth summaries rather than full-fledged short stories, both in the interest of my own time and in that of my readers'. If that is leading to confusion I will definately change that. Consider it done!


Sorry... I sometimes get very analytical when it comes to writing. I own a creative writing RPG, and it's my job to be critical :P

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