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September 10, 2006


Danny Wall

Did you know . . .?

The Cyrstals are actually a part of Marvel Universe lore (although like most things they get a bit of a tweak on the Flipside!) I remember them from an issue of She-Hulk vol. 2, but can anyone help me out with a specific reference?

Adrian J. Watts

Another great concept - highly original but still deeply rooted in Marvel lore.

This should serve as proof to those crummy "celebrity" writers that you can tell great, new stories without ignoring everything that makes the Marvel Universe what it is!

Mr. Victorious beats Mr. Fantastic any day!

Danny Wall

Well, I'm definately taking an "old-school" approach to the storytelling, while trying to keep it fresh. And now that Mr. Victorious is a hero, he WOULD probably beat Mr. Fantastic any day! (One of the many inspirations for this site was the realization that the Wizard would make a great Thunderbolts villain. Not because he's noble or anything, but he does like to win and the law of averages states that heroes win more often than villains.)

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