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October 08, 2007



Well! This story has been building for a while! It's hard to give Norman and Harry a supporting cast, but a supporting cast is exactly what makes Spider-Man so great. So I've had to slowly tie the Goblins to the Stacys over the issues. The only other option would be to create all-new characters to fill the lives of the Osborns, but I wanted to stay as close to the original comics as possible. Too bad the Osborns don't have many people around them-- although perhaps that's because in the real Marvel U, they were villains!

But if you look closely, we're still not 100% sure who EXACTLY is the Scorpion, do we? Do a double check, and see if I did the "mystery" right. We'll see exactly who it is next month, and whether or not Dr. Stillwell's sanity-saving serum will reach the Scorpion in time, unlike his Marvel Universe counterpart!

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