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November 07, 2007



Okay, a lot going on in this issue, huh? Not only was it a crazy week for a chock-full issue, but this issue was pretty hard to write, acutally. And yes, I know I don't write traditional short stories for my fanfic, but that doesn't mean I don't go through a heavy-duty process on 'em. Case in point--

Draft 1-- It all started with a rivalry between Wizard and Doctor Octopus. I definately wanted to show that. In this draft, tho, there wasn't anything Flipped from the Marvel universe. It was basically "scientific inventions run amok," and I wanted to bring SOMETHING in.

Draft 2-- After looking at numerous FF covers for inspiration, I finally decided on the Impossible Man. Perhaps the rivalry betweein Wiz and Ock summoned the alien, and they had to put aside their differences to stop the whimsical Poppupian? Well that didnt' work. First, it's too "standard" a plot. Second, it doesn't really FLIP the Impossible Man.

But this points out a constant trap I try my best to avoid-- I mean, sure, the basic rule is "Heroes are villains, villains are heroes." But if this keeps up, we'll get a world full of heroes and not enough villains to go around! So it's always more interesting if I can FLIP a villain in an unexpected way.

Draft 3-- The Impossible Man isn't the thrill-seeking Marvel version. Instead, he seeks... uh, sadness? He's the Impossible Emo? No, no, no. Maybe he causes sadness or tragedy, and 4-Victory has to ultimately show him that they can be happy even in trying times? Yeesh. Now he's the Impossible Eeyore. I scrapped it all and just said that the Impossible Man would be exactly like the Marvel U. counterpart. I'd even use some of the script lifted from Fantastic Four #11. This way, the focus of my story would be on the members of 4-Victory and not simply the villain-of-the-month.

Draft 4-- When writing about the Wiz/Ock "bake off," as I termed it, I realized the Wizard had made something like "arcanotech" in real-Marvel. His id-machine. Aha! Wasn't the Impossible Man really just an overblown "id" of the human psyche? Hmm. Perhaps 4-Victory would get "infected" by the Impossible Man's id? No, wait! The Imp-Man would feed off of the others' id... No. wait. This was going nowehere! Just have the two sides fight, and leave it at that. If only there wasn't that germ of a connection there...

Draft 5-- As I was outlining as best I could, I realized what I could finally Flip. The Impossible Man wouldn't be looking for FUN, he'd be looking for REST. But what kind of story can you have when the character just wants to sit around and do nothing? Ah-- what if it was 4-Victory that wanted to have fun, and the alien had to stop them from wrecking the place! Finally, things started to fall into place.

Draft-- Ah, it's too late for that. The outline is there, and if I could, I'd rewrite several places. At least it has the "bake-off" and rivalry between Wiz and Ock. It foreshadows some things about Mole Man and Fantastic Girl. It still shows Electro as odd man out. And I liked the set up where it SEEMS as if the Impossible Man will be the villain, but it turns out it's a misunderstanding.

I hate the fact that I basically resort to a deus ex machina to restore the heroes. (In fact, I originally had Impy tranform into a Ego/Superego Ray-- literally creating a "machina!") Really, tho, it would have been too much to juggle otherwise and I had to cut it short. Ah well, perhaps there's a Flipside world out there in which I can write more, draw more, and have more time in the week. Until then, I hope enjoy!

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