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May 12, 2008



4-Victory is consistant witht he crazy goodness


Thanks again, Aaron!

Yeah, if there's one thing I try to do with 4-Victory, it's to push the 'crazy.' Think about it-- how could the Watcher NOT be a giant floating translucent eyeball?!

And as much as I tried to let Electro be my "average joe" within the science heroes of 4-Victory, I don't think he ever really clicked. I'm not sure that 4-Victory NEEDS an 'average joe' character, which is too bad, because I wanted to put Sandman on the team eventually. But really, the Sandman is an Enforcer, through and through-- NYPD's superhuman squad filled with Flipped-out Spider-Man characters.

I've been playing around with ideas for a super-spy series, though, and I like Sandman a lot... so you never know!

But I digress. This should be about 4-Victory! There's more craziness to come, and Mr. Victorious is coming back to earth soon. Also, I think we're long overdue for some more characterization of the "villains" like the Frightful Four, and this "issue" just confirmed that for me. Expect to see some more of that in later posts and series (like Spider-Man's recent team-up with the Gremlin!)



More Frightful four would be great

and willw e find out what's up with Mr Victorius and his travels?

meet any more heralds of Galactus?


Yeah, I love the character of Mr. Victorious. In many ways, he's the most heroic of all the Flipside heroes. Ironic, considering the source, huh? And he'll be bringing a storyline featuring Galactus, too, in a way you'll never see coming. It was meant for my "anniversary" issue of #25, but I'm writing these things for my enjoyment, not a fake publishing schedule, so the "event" might have to take place a bit earlier than 25!


that's cool with me. Just as long as it stays interesting

is it true marvel wants you to make these into comics?

rumor I heard


Nope, sorry. That was my April Fool's post. Would be cool, though!


ah, that was a good one then

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