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January 12, 2009



Whoa, the end!? Like no more Flipside? NO, I just found this site!

GREAT cover, by the way, and I love all this stuff!


Hey, Justin! Thanks for the comment. As for what "The End" really means, you'll just have to wait and see! (See, I can tease just the best of Marvel's solicits!)

I also forgot to add a paragraph in the above ficlet that explained the cover! D'oh!

During the battle, when the heroes were learning about Frightful's split from the Frightful Four, Reed challenges Victorious, claiming that HE has "pierced the veil" and has survived-- unlike SOME! And he rips away Victorious' mask!

Victorious' 'scars' are a result of their time in university. Victor von Doome invented a machine that would bridge our world and the 'next,' but Reed sabotaged it, and it blew up in his face! Victor was forever changed-- where once was his face was now a gaping hole into some cosmic limbo! Although the experience allowed Victor to understand the relationship of science and soul, of arcanotech, it came at a horrible price...

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