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January 19, 2009



Hurrah for Thunderball and "Cap"! What a nice Cap reveal.

Great ending. I loved the Wizards own questioning, and his thoughts compared with Steve "The Phoenix" Rogers.

I look forward to Toad saving the day, ha ha!


Ah, Toad. Is there anything he *can't* do?

Glad you like "Captain Americat" as I call him. In the 'real' comics, he was always supposed to have a great destiny to be the hero of his people. In the Flipside, he actually gets to BE that hero.


You gotta love Puma. And I like this Flip of him, considering he isn't exactly a villain in the comics currently anyway, and really wasn't all that much of one when he was one. The question now is about his torch.


As a new reader I have to say that the effort you've put into this universe is stunning. I'm enjoying all of these new comic tales and the gradual attempt to create a solid history for this Marvel Flipverse.

I hope you don't mind, but I am thinking of writing an unofficial fanfic which has been inspired by your stories, a sort of Flipside version of the beloved event 'Avengers: Defenders War'. I hope it will be as good a calibaur as that of your own works. If however you have a problem with any spin offs, do let me know via my fanfic page. Also if you had any suggestions that would be wonderful :)

Thanks for listening, I would E-Mail whoever was in charge but I can't for the life of me locate a contact E-Mail, so anyway.


Hey, James. Thanks for the post!

To be fair, there's always been some interconnectedness in the Flipverse, it's just that it's all been in my head up 'til now.

I have no problem with spin offs. Have fun! (It'd be nice to get a link to my site in return, of course.)

You might want to wait until Marvel Flipside: The End 4 to see the Silver Surfer if you were thinking of him Defenders-wise.



is all i got
long time no read but checked in and wow

kind of sad to see it end though :(

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