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November 08, 2010



Thought bubbles and narration boxes are not 100% interchangeable, and I don't see any problem with them in this circumstance in particular. I don't think it's particularly good either, but I don't get this feeling of interruption. To me it's just more or less like the narration of something like "wonder years" or "everybody hates Chris", which could sometimes happen in short intervals within a dialogue I guess.

I don't think that thought bubbles would be necessarily a better option here. At least not with the after-the-fact sort of narration, it would need to be changed to something compatible with an actual thought at that moment.

I don't have anything against thought bubbles though, and I would indeed prefer that they were used more often. I sort of recall instances where there was irregularity regarding the narration being from an semi-omniscient perspective (as if the character was narrating after the fact) and being just like present thoughts.

Thought bubbles also are definitely better than trying to come up with different pseudo-narration boxes for different characters.

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