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December 13, 2010



The (Adjectiveless) Avengers was the same, although Bendis did a better job of hiding it by splitting up the team anf throwing time travel in there.

Of course, there's a simple explanation: Writing For The Trade, something Marvel has been moving to with ferocious devotion.


This is very true. I should have added the Adjectiveless Avengers in there, too.

And the whole Writing For the Trade could really be the symptom of pretty much all of these Comic Memos I've been thinking about.

Irving Forbush

I don't read comic books after the end of the bronze age exactly because of decompression. Even the benign decompression of the 1990s you mentioned is too much for me. For me the Marvel Age ended when Real Time ended. I refuse to give money for the current stuff on the market.

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